A life-long learner, Concept VP heads out to OSU  
We are excited to share with you that Salim Ucan, the Vice President of Concept will be beginning his PhD in Educational Administration at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio this fall.   

As one of the founders, Salim has been an influential member of the Concept family and played an important role in our success and growth. We will always be grateful for his invaluable services to our community. 

As Salim will be studying full-time, effective by August 2016, he will no longer serve our network in a VP role. However, his relationship to Concept will continue in different capacities. Salim Ucan plans to return to Concept upon finishing his study at OSU. We, as a network, look forward it, too.

Students Lit Up the Stage at Spoken Word Competition
The 2016 Spoken Word Competition was held Saturday, March 19 in Indianapolis. Students in grades 8-12 from across the Concept network and their teachers prepared for months to perfect their pieces and give a voice to the theme: "Light the Stage, Spark a Revolution."
I don't know how anyone could be prouder of these students for having the courage to come out on stage and share their emotions, frustrations, and hopes. Thank you to all of the teachers and students who made this event such a success, and thank you to the staff members who took time out of their Saturday to come out and support the event! Here is the list of student winners:
Free Form:

1st Place- Marquice Baker HSA Cleveland Middle

2nd Place- Patsy Perez CMSA

3rd Place- Justin Baynes CMSA/Omar Castro HSA Lorain

Recited Spoken Word:

1st Place- Rhiannon Hausel GSA Fyler/Frenchie Johnson HSA Cleveland High

2nd Place- Jamelah Daboubi HSA Columbus High/Francis Prempeh HSA Columbus High

3rd Place- Monserrate Mayren IMSA North

Persuasive Speech:

1st Place- Kalayna Glover HSA Cleveland High

2nd Place- Samantha Garcia CMSA

3rd Place- Daniel Boeh GSA Fyler

Team Event:

1st Place- Dewaine Bilingsley/Robert Norton III HSA Cleveland High School

2nd Place- Paris Warsaw/Jordon Hill IMSA North

3rd Place- Riana Suttles/Frenchie Johnson HSA Cleveland High School

Spanish Spelling Bee Coming to HSA Lorain
Spanish language learners will meet at HSA-Lorain on Saturday, May 7, 2016 for the 4th Annual Concept Schools Spanish Spelling Bee Competition. After the in-school competitions, every school sends their winners and runner ups to this Final Competition.
13 elementary, 19 middle and 12 high school students will be in Lorain competing to be winners of their categories:
Elementary: grades 4-5
Middle School: grades 6-8
High School: grades 9-12
Winners and runner ups of each category will get certificates, trophies, medals and monetary awards.


-High winner $150

-High runner up $100

-Middle winner $100

-Middle runner up $80

-Elementary winner $80

-Elementary runner up $50

-Finalists $30 for their participation

Personal Statements Workshop at CMSA
On April 14th, as part of the College Spirit Week, juniors were able to learn about how to apply to college during a presentation by the College Counselor and CMSA alumni Michelle Lopez, who graduated in 2014.
They learned about Naviance, the online tool used to request application materials, how to search colleges and tips on how to write an effective personal statement.
Hundreds Show Off STEM Skills at the 13th Annual 

Among 44 schools from 7 different states, 389 students were selected to present their research summaries at the 13th Annual Concept Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at the Cleveland Convention Center. Projects were judged by professionals from universities, colleges, institutes, and schools and awarded with certificates, medals, gift cards, or trophies according to the scores given by the judges.
In the STEM Exposition, 200 students from multiple states showcased their demonstrations in Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology categories.
47 teams competed in ROBOCON Sumobot Competition and won awards.
72 Concept Schools' staff volunteered to organize these amazing activities.  Please go to www.consef.org to see the CONSEF pictures and results.Thanks to all volunteers, coaches, mentors, and judges who make this organization better and better each year. 

State Tests Begin 

We wish all of our students in the network great success on the state standardized tests.   

Please click here about "Some Proven Test Day Tips to Ace the State Tests". 
Concept Schools Holds Math Competition That Is MAD FUN for Kids
Students nationwide from all types of schools, including home-schooled children, in grades 5-12 competed this past Saturday, April 23th in the MathCON 2016 Finals. The paper-based test covered several mathematical disciplines: algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, number systems and pre-calculus.
This year, out of the 45,000 who took the online test, over 570 students qualified to advance to the Finals at the University of Illinois at Chicago to go head to head-brain to brain. Prizes awarded at the Finals were:
  • 1st place in each grade level: iPad Mini
  • Gold medal winners: $200
  • Silver medal winners: $100.00
  • Bronze medal winners: $50
Finalists traveled to UIC from as far as California, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Texas! This year's theme was "Stronger Math, Brighter Future!" Check out www.mathcon.org  for all the media coverage and a recap of the event to come soon!
2016 RoboCON Sumobot Competition Held in Cleveland!
At the end of two hours of excitement, HSA Columbus Elementary and Milwaukee Math and Science Academy teams were the stars of the RoboCON 2016 tournament on Saturday, April 9 at the Cleveland Convention Center, dominating throughout the finals. These top four teams are invited to the International Info Matrix Sumobot competition:
1st Place: Team 1007 - HSA Columbus Elementary - Elijah Wesley and Michael Anno
2nd Place: Team 1035 - MMSA - Jacwon Denton, Jaylon Ammons and Janelle Williams
3rd Place: Team 1006 - HSA Columbus Elementary - Steven Appiah and Luqman Nuur
4th Place: Team 1034 - MMSA - Amani Mohamed and Demetria Beasley
The judges also recognized the teams with distinct characteristics:
Cooperate Award, for their team work, team spirit and enthusiasm:
Team 1035 - MMSA
Design Award, for their engineering process:
Team 1006 - HSA Columbus Elementary
Sportsmanship Award, for their professionalism and sportsmanship:
Team 1020 - HSA McKinley Park
This great event is made possible by our referees and other volunteers. Thank you on behalf of all the teams!
New Blog for Elementary Students
The main Concept blog page has begun a student blogging incentive and Ms. Sajovec and Mr. Shanahan are combining efforts for theK-5 elementary students to experience the live creation and interaction of blogging.
We have begun a brand new Google Blog called:
The Elementary Blog Cabin.

When authors/users post their work is live on our
blog and the sharing and conversation can begin.
From our department blog, the judges will choose the best of our page to be published on the company website blog for $100 prizes. For more information on how to participate, e-mail Mr.Shanahan (shanahan@conceptschools.org) for all
the details. We'd love to have you!

New Format for CYSP  Student Report Card 

Now Available: Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO)- Gap Closing Report
Network Seniors Continue to Rock!   
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